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How to log in Gmail without password with security code

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We use gmail id for personal and professional purpose. When we create a gmail account we need to input our personal details along with strong password. To keep our gmail account secure we always use Two-Step Verification. This is the second security layer and it protect out gmail id from hacker. This is how work. When we try to log in our gmail account using any device with id and password google ask us to pass to verify Two-Step Verification. Google send 6 digits code to our mobile number and we have to input for log in. Without code we can not log in.

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But some time we have problem to get out OTP (One Time Password). OTP does not come to our number. If this happened for many time we have to create new gmail account for use. So what is the solution if OPT not received? There is one more option to log in out gmail id without password and Two-Step Verification. So if you have problem and don't det OTP in your mobile number just apply this tricks and log in to your gmail account.

First Log in to your account with your id password. Google will ask you to input 6 digits OTP to log in. If you don not receive your OTP click "Try Another Way". Now google will allow you to log in with your security code. Now let's see how you will find your security code. Log in to your gmail account. Go to "Manage google account". Click on security section. Find "Security code option." Click here and you will find two security code that can help you to log in if you do not get OTP during gmail log in. But you can use this code during log in if you hare already log into another device.


How to enable Two-Step Verification

To protect gmail account Two-Step Verification is most important setting. To enable Two-Step Verification open your gmail account. Click "Manage google account". Click on security section. Find "Two-Step Verification option". Click on this now add your mobile number and verify with OTP. After enable this setting when your gmail id is try to log on to another device every time google will send OTP to your mobile number.

Thursday, July 4, 2024

How to recover messenger deleted message

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We use messenger too much for chatting with people you should know this important tricks. How to recover messenger deleted message. For your security reason sometimes you may delete your message. But this is not the solution. If you delete your messages you can not recover it. Also, if the person you chat with deletes the message, you will never receive the message. So how to recover deleted messages?

There are several ways you can do this. Among them I will share with you very important and effective ways. By adopting that method, you can easily recover the deleted or deleted chats of Messenger.

For that first you need to go to your Facebook application. Then click on your settings and privacy option. Then scroll down and go down. There is a section called Your Information. From here select the Download Your Information option. Then click on continue option. Now click on Download or Transfer Information option. Now you have to tick mark your Facebook profile. Now click on the next option. You can download in two ways if you want. You choose your preferred option. Then select any option from Download to Device and Transfer to Destination and touch Next option. Now select which time information you want to download. If you want, you can download all messages and information from the time you opened your Facebook account to the current time. Then click on Create File option. Your work is done. Now you have to wait. Facebook authorities will send your information along with the deleted message within few hours to the email ID with which you have opened the Facebook account. In this way you will get your deleted chat very easily.


Username is one of the most important think of any account. If you create any account in any website and app they will ask you to insert a username. Username is unique. people will easily find you by searching your user name. So if you want that Facebook users and your friends find you easily you can change and setup your facebook username.

To setup facebook username open messenger application. Touch tree line icon and select settings icon. scroll down and find "Username" option. Tab on "Username". Then edit your username and click on save. Your expected username will be set. Just share your username with new friend and they will find and add quickly.

           🎁 BONUS TIPS 2 🎁

When we don't want to talk some one we can block. But If we block they can understand. There is a setting in messenger and if you setup you don’t need to block anyone. If you don't want to get messages without blocking in messenger just open messenger. Tap and hold your desire chat. Select ''Restricted'' option. Now this chat was not blocked person can send you messages and able to call. But you will never get call/sms notification from him 🥰.

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

How to recover deleted photos/videos from smartphone

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Smartphone users often store their photos and videos in smartphone storage. It is very easy to share with friends and family and others. But phone storage is limited. That's why they need to delete their photos and video to clean their memory. Some time they delete very important photos or videos. If it so happened they need to recover. Lets see how to recover deleted photos and videos.

How to recover deleted photos/videos from smartphone

There are two recovery methods, Paid and free. I will share two free methods. Any smartphone can use these methods to recover. If you delete your photos and videos by mistake apply two tricks below. You don't need to pay.

Step - 1: You you recover your photos and videos open google photos application. google photo application has already back up your all photos/videos you click by using your smartphone. wait for 1-2 minutes. You will find your all photos/videos. Some how if you do not find in google photo click on album option. Then click "Bin". All deleted photos/videos will be shown here. Now tap and hold these photos/videos you want to recover and select them. After selecting you will see restore option below. Click restore option wait couple of minutes and photo/videos will automatically save to your device memory.

Step - 2: You can recover from your gallery application without internet connection. Go to gallery application. Tab album section from below. You will see your all photos/video here according to album. Now scroll down. There is an option name "Recycle bin". Tap on Recycle bin option. All your deleted photos/videos will store here for 30 days. After 30 days recycle bin will be cleared. Now tap and hold to select you want to recover. After selecting tap restore option. wait couple of minutes. Photos/video will be restore to your gallery.

Bonus Tips: How many times you clean your storage? Every smartphone users should clean their storage. Cleaning storage will make smartphone faster and smooth. Many Peoples use paid or free application to clean mobile storage. But there is a secret manu for clean mobile storage. To clean storage and junk file go to gallery app. Tab on album option. Scroll down. You will find "Cleaner" option. Tab on cleaner option and wait. Cleaner will scan your unusual data, duplicate image/videos. When scan is complete remove all unusual data and make your smartphone faster for better using service.  

Thursday, June 6, 2024

How to earn money from telegram mining | Tapswap coin Mining Project

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Tapswap withdraw update

If you have telegram account you can earn  money from telegram just tapping from bot. Tapswap is now a viral mining project from all over the world. Before some days NOT coin was very useful mining project many miner earned lots of money from NOT coin. Still now NOT coin in paying their miner. After NOT coin one the most similar and viral mining project is tapswap coin mining project. Millions of peoples continue mining in tapswap using their telegram. First click the link below and start mining.

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Now lets talk how to start mining. open the bot and click on start. Bot will send 3 option and you have to click "PLAY". After Clicking "PLAY" telegram bot will send you in the mining interface. Just tap tap on the coin icon and coin will be stored in your main balance. You should know this, Total 113.456 Trillion coins was mined, 4,26,06171 active miner mining in the tapswap mining project. Daily 1,38,69,228 people use tapswap bot. Tapswap has big telegram channel community of more than 18.8 millions subscriber. Every moment they share all their updates in their telegram community.

How to increase Tapswap mining speed?

There so many ways to increase mining speed which is included by tapswap admins. After joining using my referral link you will get attractive bonus. After start mining  there are so many ways to increase mining speed and earn lots of coins. You can increase tap amount, storage just using some coins. You can earn Free 10x three time in a day for 20seconds. There so many ways. So I hobe this is one of the best mining project for you.

When  Tapswap will coin pay?

Tapswap coin will be released in Binance named #TAPS token. So you can sure that they will never scam and 100% pay. Tapswap said they pay their miner on 31 may. But in their community they posted and update they will pay their miner in 1st July. Because they found illegal mining using telegram auto bot. Auto bot mining is illegal for tapswap. But you can use auto clicker. You can also use multiple account for mining. Using multiple mining account there is possibility to earn lots of money from tapswap mining project. (NOTE: Tapswap listing date can be differ from listing date )

How to change whatsapp number or delete account?

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how to change whatsapp number

WhatsApp is the most popular chatting website. 3.031 Million people in the world use WhatsApp daily. Daily increasing the number of active WhatsApp user. WhatsApp has so many features launch to make whatsapp user-friendly. Changing mobile number is one of the great features of WhatsApp. Users can change their WhatsApp number at any time. Although many people use the same number, it is necessary to learn it. Can be useful at any time for the needs of oneself or others.

How to change the number?

First you need to launch the WhatsApp app. Touch the three dot menu in the top corner on the right side of the mobile and go to the account setting. Now touch the account option. After touching 5 options there is change number setting to be touched here. Then touch the next option. On the next page you will find 2 cells where there will be two number boxes. The current mobile number should be entered in the first cell and the new mobile number should be entered in the next cell. Then touch on the next option and follow the next instructions.

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Earn Daily $5 Dollars from Buxad Russian Income Site

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If you have a smartphone or computer and you want to make money using your smartphone today I am going to share a russian income site. You can make money online just spending some hours . There are different types of easy task you can do and make money. So read full article and make money.

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You can work in this website what ever your are. Buxad is a trusted russian micro job  site. You have complete simple task that will takes couple of minutes. Let's see what types of task in the website-

➤ Surfing Ads

➤ Letters

➤ Tasks

➤ Tests

➤ YouTube

➤ Referral Program

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You can do all tasks and make money. If you complete surfing your earning will be low. But if you want to lots of money from buxad you have complete tasks. There are lots of tasks here. You can earn $5 from just completing single task. Different tasks offers different amount like $5, 4$, 3$, 2$, 1$, $0.50. You need to choose your favourite task. You can also earn money from buxad by reading letters, watching youtube videos and refer friends.

When your account reaches only $0.02 Dollar or 2 Russian ruble you can withdraw you amount. You can withdraw your earning by using PAYYER, QIWI, VISA/MASTER CARDS, PERFECT MONEY,  ADVCASH, TRC20 wallet. You will get instant payment immediately after withdraw from site.

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How to know if your whatsapp account has been hacked?

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Only we know how important our social accounts are. Everyone has an account. We constantly communicate with our family, friends and relatives through these accounts. Express our feelings by posting. As easily as we use these social accounts, the security of these accounts is very loose for us. We don't care about whether our favorite social account is safe, how safe it will be in the future, how likely the account will be hacked.

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However, if this account is controlled by someone else for a few seconds, we only provide security. But before the account goes under someone's control, we need to ensure the security of the account. What's app, surely everyone uses it. WhatsApp is the most used app for personal and work purposes. WhatsApp is most used for sharing anything from messages audio video calls to files.

But how careful are you with the security of your WhatsApp account? How to know if someone has hacked your WhatsApp account or if someone is secretly monitoring your WhatsApp account? All you need to know if you use WhatsApp. Let's see how to know if your WhatsApp account has been hacked.

First open your WhatsApp application. Then you will find the three dot icon on the top right side of the screen. Touch here. Now touch the link devices option. Now you can see if your WhatsApp account is logged in on any device. If any other unknown device is shown here then you can log out by touching on that device.